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Tabriz, Tehran police station, Basmenj road entrance, opposite to Chlor Pars factory, Aria Felez Nab company

(0098) (411) 6300411

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[Opening of New Office] -
Company [Your Company Name], [your company], a new office today in the [new office] to [the opening of new office] opened. The new office, which includes [the new office facility] is, in fact, [the number of new office] offices in the area. Company [Your Company Name] in [city or state service subject to the new office], [New Services] will offer.
[Sex and the spokesperson for your company name], [the company's spokesman] said, the company opened a new office in [name of your company in the [new office] another important step towards the realization of [the company] is. Opening a new office in the first major change in [the opening of the new office is. [Next quoted a spokesman for your company with market conditions and how to counteract them company.
The new office is expected to increase sales of [the new office will enhance the sale of the service] in [time period to reach a new office productivity] is. The Office of the First [the opening of new office] will lead to.
[Terms of your company] recently obtained Hello [latest change to specify the activity of the company] has. Company [Your Company Name] in [terms of your company] of [your experience] has been recently [Recent developments in your company] has achieved. The company services such as [Company 1] and [Company 2] is known.

[In Exhibition] -
[Several] Fair [title of show] on [date] to [date], from the time [h] to [h] is held. The exhibition at [place] will be open to more than [number of participants in the exhibition] companies in industries [industry name] is.
Company [Your Company Name], this time one of the best opportunities for close relationships with their customers as and hence as one of the psychiatric industry [industry name] the booth [Booth place] will attend.
[Your Company Name] also presented an exhibition of their products with different price for a limited time, get ready to direct your comments and suggestions on the products.
You are invited to attend the exhibition booth of [your company name] please visit.

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Metals Rates In Exchange Of London

Metal CH-ASK
COPPER 7636.00
ZINC 1857.50
NICKEL 15960.00
LEAD 1851.00
TIN 18745.00
A.ALLOY 1765.00
NA. ALUM 1835.50

Aluminium price in Tehran exchange