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Tabriz, Tehran police station, Basmenj road entrance, opposite to Chlor Pars factory, Aria Felez Nab company

(0098) (411) 6300411

(0098) (411) 6300383


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Company [Your Company Name] on [date] new version of its new website on the Internet address of the target [the website] will be published. [Sex and the name of] stated that a new website with information and communication technologies to facilitate wide contracting company will upgrade to new version and broader access to their will, he noted that the new version to be more user-friendly website, special attention has been and certainly with the new version of Web site users will have a smoother experience.


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[In Exhibition] -
[Several] Fair [title of show] on [date] to [date], from the time [h] to [h] is held. The exhibition at [place] will be open to more than [number of participants in the exhibition] companies in industries [industry name] is.
Company [Your Company Name], this time one of the best opportunities for close relationships with their customers as and hence as one of the psychiatric industry [industry name] the booth [Booth place] will attend.
[Your Company Name] also presented an exhibition of their products with different price for a limited time, get ready to direct your comments and suggestions on the products.
You are invited to attend the exhibition booth of [your company name] please visit.

[Opening of New Office] -
Company [Your Company Name], [your company], a new office today in the [new office] to [the opening of new office] opened. The new office, which includes [the new office facility] is, in fact, [the number of new office] offices in the area. Company [Your Company Name] in [city or state service subject to the new office], [New Services] will offer.
[Sex and the spokesperson for your company name], [the company's spokesman] said, the company opened a new office in [name of your company in the [new office] another important step towards the realization of [the company] is. Opening a new office in the first major change in [the opening of the new office is. [Next quoted a spokesman for your company with market conditions and how to counteract them company.
The new office is expected to increase sales of [the new office will enhance the sale of the service] in [time period to reach a new office productivity] is. The Office of the First [the opening of new office] will lead to.
[Terms of your company] recently obtained Hello [latest change to specify the activity of the company] has. Company [Your Company Name] in [terms of your company] of [your experience] has been recently [Recent developments in your company] has achieved. The company services such as [Company 1] and [Company 2] is known.

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Metals Rates In Exchange Of London

Metal CH-ASK
COPPER 7636.00
ZINC 1857.50
NICKEL 15960.00
LEAD 1851.00
TIN 18745.00
A.ALLOY 1765.00
NA. ALUM 1835.50

Aluminium price in Tehran exchange